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Ministers of Public Safety
The Ebola Protocols

1) Nano Silver, 2) Structured Water

1 of 2) Nano Silver 10 ppm Solution
Follow Dr. Rima Laibow MD's Protocol and distribute the proper amount of 10 ppm Silver Solution to every one in your community For Access to Dr. Rima's Protocol enter
your email information (((((((((((((( here )))))))))))))))

Nano Silver 10 PPM is available from the Natural Solutions Foundation in both home-use quantities and in bulk amounts. Visit for orders between 1 and 100 units.

For larger orders at bulk pricing, please write to Dr. Rima directly,

Nano Silver 10 PPM has a long shelf life and is totally non toxic since it cannot accumulate in the body. For more information on Nano Silver 10 PPM, CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Nano Silver.

As a special bonus, your purchase of Nano Silver 10 PPM or other Nano Silver items at will bring you a complementary copy of Dr. Rima's information-filled newsletter, the Health Freedom Action eAlert.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Rima, send and email to subject: CONSULT



<a href=Reailers: Natural Solutions Marketplace
Structured Silver Water Solution, iHerb
Silver Solution USA and Valley Naturals

Retail / Wholesale: American Biotech

2 of 2) Structured Water Units

A) Distribute Natural Action Structured Water to Everyone in your community for drinking, bathing, cleaning and watering.

B) Add Natural Action Structured Water Unites to all commercial and residential water pipes in your community.

C) Make sure that each Natural Action Structured Water Unit is installed within a maximum of 280 feet from the end user facet to assure effectiveness.

As I understand it, structuring positive effects normally ends at 300 feet.

The start stop action of water can increase this length of effectiveness but our aim is to deactivate all possibilities of infectious diseases while maximizing the healthy effects our community water has in deactivating the adverse effects of chemicals, prescription drugs, pathogens, radiation, while maximizing the destruction of all bacteria, viruses, fungus's, mold, infectious diseases, toxins, electromagnet waves and maximize the health of the plants, animals and individuals in our communities.

Clayton Nolte and his Natural Action Structured Water team will be glad to help you find the best and most economical way to secure your home, ranch, neighborhood, community, town, city and parish, county, country's or business water system. (928) 567-6466

Natural Action

Ministers of Public Safety's Community Protocol
"The Ebola Protocol .com" goal is to achieve a Healthy Safe Environment that promotes health and well being for all of our plants, animals and people in our Communities and around the world.

Those communities, towns, cities,states, hospitals, Doctors, churches and other organizations that adopt Ministers of Public Safety's; and work together for the good of everyone in their communities will be the ones people will want to fellowship with and live with now and in the future.

Those who do not adopt Ministers of Public Safety's; will be remembered by a greater amount of sicknesses and deaths and a greater separation between their elected officials, officers and ministers priorities and the needs of the people they where elected and called to serve. Their people will want to get rid of and or leave, move away from those with short sided uncaring or passivity as quickly as they can.

The Sicknesses and deaths of our loved ones, that could have been avoided by working together distributing Nano Silver and Natural Action Structured Water Units, the only two (2) scientifically 100% proven prevention and healing technologies, will not be easily forgotten as traders to ourselves, families, neighborhoods and commities, to all of humanity by any of us.

Death & Sickness or Health,
That Is The Choice Facing Us!
I Choose Health!!
What About You!!!

However, those of us who now knows the truth about 10 ppm Silver Solution and Natural Action Structured Water Unites and did not use it and tell others about them and did not help them get it, will have contributed to their sicknesses and deaths of their own and everyone else's loved ones. Act Now and Avoid this nightmare!

Please, work together with your friends and neighbors and help save yourself and the health and lives of those you love, including your friends and neighbors, community and all the people on our planet.

Thank You,
:Roy: :Thompson.
Ministers of Public Safety Volunteer

are Investigative Researchers who look at healing modalities Worldwide in consideration of long term effectiveness, ease of application, sickness and disease coverage, availability and cost to sufferers.

We review the application circumstances by which each Doctor may best maximize his or her patient's renewal of vitalized health.

We review the community environmental circumstances that effect the physical (human,
animal and plant) health environment to pursue
the maximization of community health.

Our Information and Clinics well be exclusively available to everyone under:

(1) Ministers of Love's Law, Treaty Agreements"
with Town, City, Parish, County, Providence,
State and National Governments. 8/14/2014

(2) Ministry Villages,

(3) Operation Borzoi,

(4) Public Safety, Media, Film and Farming Schools,

(5) Soldiers of Life,

Not for Profit: We do not sell anything nor do we accept, jobs or perks for recommendations.

We have asked, "Ministers of Love" to keep our names private as not to make us a target for "Big Pharma", The American Medical Association, Cancer and other for profit and non-profit groups that have been keeping vital health information from you and your loved ones to protect themselves from the loss of money by you and your loved ones achieving renewed vitalized health and thereby having no need for their products or for their profit and non-profit services...

Thank You,
The International Researchers for,

The Following was First Published 10/11/2015
Updated 00/00/0000
( updates will be in green )

The Cornerstones for Maximum HealthSM
1 The Starch Solution, 2 Green Smoothies,
3 Structured Water, and 4 Essential Nutrients.

((((((( Health Answers Overview )))))))
Click Surrounding Pictures and Navigation Bar Links for Specific Information.

Hy, I am "Saving The World Together"SM
Back Office Volunteer, :Roy: Thompson.

Now You Are Going To Love,
Eating, Drinking, Having Energy, Being Well,
Saving 40-75% on groceries, almost 100% on vitamins and supplements etc...

You can do this by using The Starch Solution
((( Free Download ))) and Green Smoothies.
The Most Fun, Delicious Healthy Lifestyle
I Have Ever Experienced in my entire life.

I am 67 years old (today is 09/09/2015). I live on a very small Social Security Retirement.

I had $1.01 left over at the end of last month.

Typically I may have as much as $5-$10.00.

With millions of others I Know the importance of saving money, on groceries and everything.

The blenders I make Green Smoothies with were purchased from thrift stores or garage sales and typically cost $3-$5.

So this is for everyone of you who knows the necessity and joys of what necessary money management is all about.

These joys of money, resource and time management, include a necessity to Love and be of real help to others in their times of need also. As my being a full time Back Office Volunteer with "Saving The World Together"SM does for me.

((((((((((((((((((( Watch These Videos )))))))))))))))))))

"Saving The World Together"SM

. .

. .
Some People are So Poor, All They Have is Money

If you can afford:
Structured Water and Essential Nutrients
Your Health May Improve Dynamically.

NOTE: Billions including myself cannot afford Clayton Nolte's (Structured Water Unites) or Dr. Joel Wallach's (Essential Nutrients) ourselves.

My hope is working together we are able to help ourselves, families, friends and neighbors all over the world enjoy the benefits of "The Starch Solution, Green Smoothies, Structure Water and Essential Nutrients as soon as possible.

I call the combination of the above four:
1 The Starch Solution, 2 Green Smoothies ,
3 Structured Water & 4 Essential Nutrients.

The Cornerstones for Maximum Health
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For those of us who cannot afford to purchase "Structured Water Unites" or "Essential Nutrients" on our own, who are dealing with physical problems like Cancer, etc, etc. etc. and Dental Problems like Cavities, Gum and Mouth and Teeth Problems there is:

MMS, Master Mineral Solution

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Through "Stop, Think, Observe, Identify and Investigate, before believing, "Raw Foods" have a category of its' own, which I call:
The Second Dimension for HealthSM
Raw Food <> Lifestyle <> Learning <> Discipline Return Receipt Requested


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Some Truth, Evidence and Facts,
My Testimony and Suggestions: 9/03/2015

by Back Office Volunteer :Roy: Thompson

I had 10 heart attacks. They began in 1997 while taking care of my mother who was losing her battle with cancer. They were accompanied with 6 operations, two unsuccessful, leaving me with a 20% loss of my heart functions, stents, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, on a heart patch, in an emergency room every other week, while experiencing the collective symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Fibromyalgia, Fogy Brain Syndrome, Irrational Diabetic Behavior Syndrome, my feet where turning a bruising, no blood circulation, dying color from diabetes...

Doctors told me there was not one thing they could do for me to help me get well.

This is when I was first introduced to the amazing health effects good nutrition has on our bodies.

1) A retired school principle friend of mine, "Terry Hager" loaned me a juicer and a video tape by Lorraine Day, M.D. "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore!" and a video tape from Hallelujah Acres on their Plant Based Diet,

2) Judy Laib a nutrition network marketer sent me "Tahitian Noni" juice and other things (Because of my undisciplined eating habits Judy Saved My Life 5 times with her information and help over the last 18 years.
I Love You Judy, Thank You Judy!
Judy You Are AWESOME!!!

3) Romesy & Andrew Foote and the former president of their nutritional network marking company who in opposition to their board of directors also helped out greatly with Barley Life.

4) I have to mention "Troy Kennedy" owner of "Antro Properties" apartments where I live in West Monroe, Louisiana. As soon as Chad Pickle a friend and hero of mine who I had been working with, helped me settle in my apartment meany years ago, just before a major heart attack disabled me.

Troy Kennedy keep me and helped me for about six months until he could get me on Section 8. I was totally disabled at that time from my heart condition and qualified for Social Security Disability.

When I applied for Social Security Disability I told the sweet lady at the Social Security Office not to make a big deal about my request, I just had to file the paper work to qualify for Section 8. I had made some changes in my diet and was feeling much better then.

I will never forget after all the test where done, the call I got back from her. She, with excitement in her voice, said something like this, "Mr. Thompson, you are the healthiest person I have ever gotten qualified for Social Security Disability. What a sweet lady and a wonderful testimony about her caring so very much about the people she loved and worked diligently to be a help to. If she reads this and calls me or I find her name in some old papers I plan to include her name hear with my other Heros.

Troy Kennedy is a veteran and has helped many others in similar ways over the years. He has always kept his word to me. Troy Kennedy a Hero and a Honorable man.

To me and many others "Troy Kennedy" is a true American Hero. Troy has cancer and rejects the research and information from "Doctoring Conslutants" (.com) ( in favor of his Medical Doctors advice which is just one of the many MDs responsible for over a million deaths a year in America alone. Tory's condition continues to deteriorate. Please Pray for Troy and all those I have mentioned here. I Love You Troy Kennedy, Thank You So Very Much! You are a true, Hero!

5) "The Pure Spirit of Pure Love and Pure Truth" teaching me, Stop, Think, Observe, Identify and Investigate, before believing lead to my becoming an
"Investigative Researcher" as a full time
"Back Office Volunteer" with
"Saving The World Together"SM (.org)
and Doctoring Consultants (.com).

I have not taken any medicine for years
(Today 8/8/2015).

Two years ago 2013 (Before,
“The Smart Meters” Deployment (1)
in our community I rode a bicycle to Monroe, Louisiana a conjoined neighboring city during the summer and had a great day at their Pecanland Mall. It was 110 degrees that day. A long way from being sick and dieing, wouldn't you agree?

I was using what you will find above
Worldwide Effective Cures: ( Cheapest )
when I was doing my bicycle riding before the
Smart Meters Deployment
in West Monroe, Louisiana. (2)

The instant, The Very Same Moment "Entergy" our electric company which I believe they could not have done without the blessing of our West Monroe, Louisiana's City Council, turned on one of their "Dangerous to All Life" Meters (03) on my neighbors electric panel in our apartment complex I lost 50% of both my energy and my balance. It took me a month or more of research to find out what had happened.

This has made West Monroe Louisiana a place I love, a very unhealthy place to live. Especially if you have any kind of health issues you are dealing with.
A place you will want to avoid at all cost.

There are many Cities who have outlawed Smart Meters (04)

Here is a way to help protect yourself and family (05).

Hundreds of scientist around the world are banding together to help put a stop to this attack on the lives of our children and families and plants and animals around the world just to make more money for Electric and Gas Companies and people who hold our City and Parish/County elected offices.

I live in an apartment and as they deploy (Definition: "Deploy" (Their Word not mine) move into position for military action. "the air force began to deploy forward" bring into effective action; utilize. "they are not always able to deploy this skill" synonyms: use, utilize, employ, take advantage of, exploit) their "Dangerous to All Life" Meters (06) Entergy with West Monroe City Counsil allowing this to happen, FOR WHAT?

For profits, and city economic growth at the cost of causing you and me and our children and our families and our friends and our neighbors to get sicker, more easily agitated, confused, on edge and ready to engage, to fuss and fight with one another, learn slower and die sooner???

That Is Serious Insanity!


Since I could not afford to move and "Love West Monroe" Louisiana People", I am using the techniques you will find to protect myself form the EMF damages being caused to my health. You will find these at (07) and telling you and others about the whole life damning ((Damning: of a circumstance or piece of evidence) strongly suggesting guilt or error.) situation.

When Entergy was allowed by our West Monroe, City officials to hook up their "Dangerous to All Life" Meter (08) on our appartment building, I felt like some invisible force had just attacked me and drained 50% of my energy and balance. It was somewhat like having a sudden drop in my blood sugar and blood pressure levels and a rise in my agitation level at the same time.


It took me some serious research to find out what had happened to me, to learn about
Entergies and The City of West Monroe, Louisiana's City Council's “Duplicity, Deployment of their, "Smart Meters” in our community. (09)

I had to start walking instead of riding my biycle and using the protective helps you will find at (10).

NOTE: After 7 months of drinking Structured Water and eating "The Starch Solution" and "Green Smoothies" and taking "MMS" (Master Mineral Solution) more of my energy is rebuilding. (NOTE: The Structured Water Unit came to me free without asking anyone for it. Thank You, Our Always Loving Creator, Abba Father, "Daddy" and Clayton Nolte).

I am looking forward to riding my bicycle again. I use to wear a bicycle out and get a new one about every three years which some loving person would give me the few hundred dollars for on my birthday.

My dream bicycle now is an Electric 3wheeler with 3 quantum batteries, many flashing lights to keep people from not seeing me and running over me (LOL) and a payload of up to 400 pounds. The three quantum batteries can give me a range of 110 plus miles I can travel on one charge.

As long as a bicycle does not go over 24/25 miles and hour it does not require registration or insurance and as long as it can also be peddled I will get plenty of exercise.

I love the open space of a bicycle and generally never, never, never get in a hurry but like to enjoy this Free Life I have been given to Love you and others and receive love from you as you and I are Loved by "Our Now Resurrected Messiah, Sensei, Teacher".

Please Excuse Me for my rambling here but I really loved riding my bicycle! I Did!! I Really Did!!!

As far as Worldwide Effective Cures (Cheepest) above "It worked for me" with the information from 01-10 above in my fight against Entergy's and The City of West Monroe City Council's "Sickness and Death to All Life Meters".

This was before my research leading to
"The Cornerstones for Maximum Health" above.
Check It All Out for Yourself.

Doctoring Consultants, TheCureFinder, TheCureIsHere, does not sale anything they only tell you where to get what you need that can help you to get well. We plan to always GO FOR WHAT IS THE BEST FOR OUR HEALTH, for Our Saving Our Selves and Our Saving The World Together!.

Return Receipt Requested
host both
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where you will find all you need to follow the millions who are getting well using information posted here in a collection of healing modalities on The Cure Finder (.com) and separately on many others sites around the world.

Listen, Read, Apply and GET WELL Yourself! Volunteer to help "Care & Share these sites with your family and everyone you know and love!

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Your health IS Not! Everything! But Try Doing Everything Without Your Health! It Does Not Work! Make Yours and Your Families Health A Priority! Beginning Right Now!

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Your Health is About, The Energy You Get From:

The Water and Other Liquids You Drink,

The Foods You Eat!

The Air You Breath!

The Thoughts, Concepts you choose to believe in.
Check Everything Out From It's Very Beginning, for Yourself!

From The Clearly Defined Worthy Goals You Choose!

From The Way You Demonstrate Pure Love and Kindness or Indifference and Meanness to Others.

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You Can Improve Your Health by Learning and Applying the Information from this website.


Listen to These Videos Then GO FOR IT!

Our First Cornerstones For Health
Included Coconut Oil, Fax Seeds & Walnuts
NOTE: Because of the conflict risen over:

1) Coconut Oil which I contribute to saving my life drinking almost 1-2 gallons a month myself. Coconut Oil cleaning out my veins and arteries as it does the seasoning of our iron skillets. Which I avoid today because of what I understand to be the possible long term effects of possible death by oils, all oils have on inhibiting our use of oxygen.

2) Seeds & Nuts. Specifically Flax Seeds and Walnuts which I eat everyday and recommended of course. As long as I eat them I was unable to reduce the amount of pimples, acne, carbuncles, and diabetic sours. So, I decided to quit eating Seeds and Nuts. Sticking with the delicious fun to eat "The Starch Solution" and YES! Of Course, "Green Smoothies".

Each of use needs to become informed to the best of our abilities and willing to take responsibility for making our own choices.

Saving The World Together (.org), Doctoring Consultants (.com), The Cure Is Here (.com), The Cure Finder (.com) all exist to help you and me do just that and live a healthier more joyful life Loving and Being of Real Help to One Another.
I Now Call This:...
...The Convoluted Cornerstones for HealthSM

1 A Plant Based Diet, 2 Green Smoothies,
3 Structured Water and 4 Coconut Oil and
or 90 Essential Nutrients.

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All of the Global Medical Professionals I have studied agree that all of us need Vitamins B12 and a source of unprocessed healthy salt. The following are the best sources I know of:
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With Your Name and Your Information
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With Your Name and Your Information

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1997 through 2010 -2015 through Today
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Loving & helping One Another & our Neighbors

Rule of Law, Substantive:
"Saving The World TogetherSM"
Ecclesiastical, Universal Law, Treaty Agreement

Videos for Subject Matter Only, Not Shared Beliefs.
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Health Sites

The World TogetherSM",
is You and Me
and Everyone Else Who Has a desire to Love and Be of Real Help to One Another, Our Neighbors
and Together,
The Whole
Wide World

The World TogetherSM", ministry agreements do not ask, what is your religion? Are you male, female, nonsexed, mulitsexed,
human or
homo capensis

Therefore you may surely find yourself loving, helping and working side by side with others that have backgrounds from many different cultures and religions.

Each Ministry Agreement represents a category you can customize to your interest, the things you love to do as a ministry to be of real help to others.

01. Viewing Membership
Is Aautomatic.
Viewing, You Agree, with Our Terms.
Kindness Minister
Health Minister
Green Minister
Finance Minister
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Safety Minister
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Based Assembly
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Our Mottos:

We Do What We Love, What Needs To Be Done, Love and Take Care of Each Others Needs.


We Will
Do No Harm!


Acts of Love and
Kindness, Creates
Less Stress,
Healthier, More
Energized, Longer,
Living People.

In our case through Ministers and Assemblies Loving and Helping Fulfill Each Others Needs, Creating Purposeful and Satisfying Living for All of Us.

2) The Same Tax Breaks as
Home Based Businesses.

When you hear Business in the video playlist below,
Think Ministry,
Think Assembly,
Tax Breaks with
The World TogetherSM",

Think, Ministering to Others Needs with,
The World TogetherSM",
Instead of Selling stuff to your Family, Friends and Neighbors.
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3) A Healthier
Environment for
Everybody and
Every Creature
and Everything in
The Whole
Wide World.

The Powerful Scientific Effects of Stress on Animals and People from Hierarchy Structured Religions, Employment
and Villages... For Full Screen Click Corner ^

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