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Ministry Work Projects

The World TogetherSM",
is You and Me
and Everyone Else Who Has a desire to Love and Be of Real Help to One Another, Our Neighbors
and Together,
The Whole
Wide World

The World TogetherSM", ministry agreements do not ask, what is your religion? Are you male, female, nonsexed, mulitsexed,
human or
homo capensis

Therefore you may surely find yourself loving, helping and working side by side with others that have backgrounds from many different cultures and religions.

Each Ministry Agreement represents a category you can customize to your interest, the things you love to do as a ministry to be of real help to others.

01. Viewing Membership
Is Aautomatic.
Viewing, You Agree, with Our Terms.
Kindness Minister
Health Minister
Green Minister
Finance Minister
Education Minister
07. Public
Safety Minister
Law Minister
Natural Assembly
10. Prayer
Team Assembly
11. Home
Based Assembly
12. Back
Office Volunteer
Online Office
Tools, Media and
Ministry Benefits
Online Office
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Our Mottos:

We Do What We Love, What Needs To Be Done, Love and Take Care of Each Others Needs.


We Will
Do No Harm!


Acts of Love and
Kindness, Creates
Less Stress,
Healthier, More
Energized, Longer,
Living People.

In our case through Ministers and Assemblies Loving and Helping Fulfill Each Others Needs, Creating Purposeful and Satisfying Living for All of Us.

2) The Same Tax Breaks as
Home Based Businesses.

When you hear Business in the video playlist below,
Think Ministry,
Think Assembly,
Tax Breaks with
The World TogetherSM",

Think, Ministering to Others Needs with,
The World TogetherSM",
Instead of Selling stuff to your Family, Friends and Neighbors.
For Full Screen Click Corner ^

3) A Healthier
Environment for
Everybody and
Every Creature
and Everything in
The Whole
Wide World.

The Powerful Scientific Effects of Stress on Animals and People from Hierarchy Structured Religions, Employment
and Villages... For Full Screen Click Corner ^

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Videos for general content, Not for what they say or represent


Humor In The Workplace

Law, "The Rule of Law", "Saving The World TogetherSM" (.org) & "The Whole Wide World".

If tithing effects you? "Earl Kelly PhD's"
videos and book are the most complete
information sources available, to date.
Earl Kelly PhD's URL _ Free Book Download

Hi, I am :Roy: Thompson a volunteer with
"Saving The World TogetherSM" (.org)
Since 1997 I have been working under
"Saving The World TogetherSM" (.org)
Law & Treaty Agreement which includes:

1) Officers and Researchers remain anonymous

2) We do not sell anything

3) We do not accept perks, benefits or money for recommendations

4) Everyone who chooses to live within the means of full time Ministry Living Expenses, shares a common moderate monetary scale for living and personal expenses and spending at or under the average wage earner in the longitude latitude geographical area they dwell. The decision as to how much under the average wage is left entirely up to the individual minister..

5) As a group we do not own buildings but purpose to Love and be of real help to one another and our Neighbors which include everyone, including our enemies.

"Saving The World Assemblies" will hold properties for "Ministry Work Projects" for their
"Member Ownership of Responsibilities".

Thank You and Be Blessed,
:Roy: Thompson (

""Saving The World TogetherSM" (.org)"
"Ministry Work Projects",
"Protocols of Management,
Policies and Procedures":

"Ministry Work Projects" may include Research, Development, Design, Engineering, Production and Manufacturing of anything that can be of healthful use to cognitive and all other created beings, animals etc., the planet earth and the cosmos.

"Ministry Work Projects" may also include the distribution of the same products and or services.

Products and Services will be free of charge or for an appropriate and reasonable contribution that can help financially sustain and promote the growth of the "Ministry Work Project" undertaken by the two (2) or more "Love Your Neighbors" Ministers, along with multiplying the number of "Ministry Work Project" "Member Ownership of Responsibilities" involved with the project.

[Like Employee Owned Businesses] "Ministry Work Projects" may produce five (5) to seven (7) times the ministry funds for each "Member Ownership of Responsibilities" than other fundraising projects ordinarily will produce.

All the ministry funds produced by "Ministry Work Projects" that are distributed to the participating "Member Ownership of Responsibilities" will be deposited into each individual Minister's "Ministry Funding Account" for use as their Living Expense and or their ministry or their ministries.

We support each other and hope to be of some real help to each other (you and me) in being of real help to others, especially those closest to us i.e. "Loving Our Neighbors as we Learn to Love Our Own Selfness" Created by Our Always Loving Abba Father, "Daddy" "The Creator of All Things" who is, "Pure Spirit, Pure Love and Pure Truth".

All "Ministry Work Projects" are Autonomous under the substantive Law, Treaty Agreement of
"Saving The World Assemblies".
Which Law, Treaty Agreement is a
Republic form of governance
based on the Laws of Loving One Another, Mutual Love and Respect and Honor, Esteeming each other above ourselves.
All for One and One for All.
Liberty to Choose! and
Freedom to be the unique original you are!

Our Church "Those Called Out
(to Love and be of real help to each other and to Love and be of real help to our neighbors, also)
Governance is a "Republic" form of Governance that include perpetual non-amendable laws of love and mutual respect and policies and procedures that keep us on target with consistency of that Love.
Each of us desires to Love and to be Loved.
You can review our laws, treaty agreement:
"For Viewing, You Agree, with Our Terms."

History & Forms of Governances

All conflicts within
"Ministry Work Projects"
will be settled the same as all conflicts between all
"Saving The World Assemblies" Ministers,
by "Ministers Law".

"Ministry Work Projects"

Failure, is a celebrated and codo getting and accepted part of
"A Living Forward, Loving Others, Life Style".

Whatever You Think may be of Love and Real Help to Others, GO FOR IT!

Be willing to fail 10,000 times to get it right!
To Get It Right, "One Time!"

Like we have heard,
Thomas Edison did to develop the, "Light Bulb!"

Partern Up with One or Two Others.
Love Each Other!
Have, Manage All Things in Common!
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Videos for Content Only
Not Shared Beliefs

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Copy Right, Copy Claimed, Patent Right, Patents Claimed,
Servise Marks and Trade Marks Claimed
1997 through 2010 -2015 through Today
All Rights Under Reserve for Ministers' usage
Loving & helping One Another & our Neighbors

Rule of Law, Substantive:
"Saving The World TogetherSM"
Ecclesiastical, Universal Law, Treaty Agreement
"How to Succeed!"
More Sleep, Unlimited Vacations: 200% More Productive Work and Accomplishments:

Real Happiness
That Is For You and Me!

Life and Work, Healthy Eating and Other Stuff

Your Health Is
Not Everything!
But Try Doing
Everything Without It!

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