As a pastor of the largest evangelical congregation in northwestern Oklahoma, one might think I could possibly be threatened by Jon's premise of this book.

How can I be?

"The Pastor Has No Clothes" is "thoroughly biblical" and a wake up call to all of us...

Wade Burleson, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, OK

Jon Zens, one of the original voices of the worldwide house church movement, has gathered together in one volume some of the tastiest of his writings about the "pastorate".

This book will be tough reading for those whose livelihood depends on Jon being "wrong", but a welcome breath of fresh air for those who are redefining success in ways, which cannot be measured by formulas, but by the presence of "The Resurrected Messiah" in a local community of people - the "ekklesia" no less. His writings about the pastorate remind me of the story of the Titanic.

This ship was a structure so large that its builders claimed vigorously that it could not sink, but as we all know it did not take long for it to go under after all.

This is also how the pastorate is seen today-unchangeable, untouchable and unsinkable, a subject for the academy but not for the local "ekklesia".

Jon's writings are not unlike the iceberg that caused so much damage under the water line of the Titanic - they have removed the untouchable status that has kept this topic hidden, and now the pastorate is coming under the scrutiny of the body of our Savior, Friend and Brother, "The Resurrected Messiah".

The destruction that the pastorate has done to those who are involved in it, including family and churches alike, is well documented, but up to now ignored. Jon does a good job in bringing this tale of destruction to our notice.

We do not have to agree with everything that Jon says, but we have to receive these writings as timely additions to the deconstruction of the edifice of the monolithic church system, which has held the "ekklesia" back from full expression.

I highly recommend this book for your serious consideration.

-Douglas Gerald Heffernam, Overseer, Celtic Prayer Centre, Cork, Ireland

I owe Jon a debt of love.

It was because I posted his "Clergy" video that I lost my pastoral job!

In his compelling new book, "The Pastor Has No Clothes, Jon describes how the current structure of the institutional church has created over time an unhealthy balance in the body of our Savior, Friend and Brother, The Resurrected Messiah.

He challenges us to look at the pastoral system in the light of the way the New Testament early church functioned.

A must-read and insightful book!

- Joseph Hunter, former pastor, Tennessee

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Stresses Caused by Hierarchy Structured Religions, Empolyment and Villages are killing the human race.
John 3:17-18 I came to give you life, John 10-10 "The Diluted Truth Deceivers" came deciving us into stressing, killing and destroying ourselves.


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by Saving The World Together (.org)
Back Office Volunteer :Roy: Thompson

The Five Questions

1. Am I Believing A Lie?
... and causing my own suffering?

2. Is what I am believing verifiability true?

3. What is the factual evidence that this is absolutely true?

4. How do I react, what happens, when I believe this thought?

5. Who would I be without this belief, without this thought?


Truth Discovered Offers, Initiates; Freedom Through Change or The Continuing In The Captivity of, The Bondage to The Deceitful... Roy Thompson 1993-2010

Most everyone has heard, "Know the truth and the truth will set you free". This is true, however, No one can discover truth for you but you. "THE BIG POCKET FLIER will show you how.”


"Am I Believing A Lie?" is a way to identify and question the thoughts and beliefs that cause much of the emotional, physiological and physical suffering in the world today. It is a way to discover and appropriate freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness with yourself, with situations and with others. Anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, social or economical circumstance with an open mind can find freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness by asking the five questions of "Am I Believing A Lie?" and experience a life-changing realization.


1. that our interpersonal freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness is dependent on something being different than it is (so and so should spend more time with me, love me more, listen to me more intently, The Father of All Creations should use me more, use me differently, give me more gifts, more miracles, do more for me etc) you and I will find that we suffer, hurt, experience stress, anxiety, disappointment and emotional and even physical and yes even spiritual pain.

2. (When We Believe) that our interpersonal freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness is not dependent on something being different than it is, you and I will experience a greater degree of interpersonal, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness.

By putting the simple yet powerful system of testing your beliefs and thoughts into practice called, "Am I Believing A Lie?" you will find here in "THE BIG POCKET FLIER" you will discover:

1. that it is your thoughts and beliefs that has been causing your stress, anxiety, dis-ease, discomfort and depression. And that it is the same for all the world.

2. that your attempt to find personal freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness has been backward— that instead of hopelessly trying to change the world to match your thoughts about how it “should” be, you can test, question out your thoughts and, by discovering the truth about yourself, situations an others you will experience unimaginable, freedom, love, joy, peace and happiness.


We suffer when we believe a thought that argues with reality. When our minds are clear, when we have clarity of mind, what is "reality" is what we want. If we want reality to be different we might as well try to put the whole earth into a bottle. It is hopeless to want reality to be different than what it is. However we think thoughts like this many times everyday. My friend should agree with me. My spouse should be a better listener. I should have more money. Children should behave better. I should be skinner. I should be smarter than that. I should be more successful, better looking, stronger, more spiritually powerful etc. These are ways of wanting what is, "reality" to be different that what it is.

You may think that if you stop arguing with what is, with reality, you will loss the argument or become apathetic, passive and ineffective. That you will be like Don Quixote jousting with windmills. What is the factual evidence that this is absolutely true? Which is more effective: "I wish I had more money", or "How do I make the most effective use of the money I have?". "I wish that I was moving Mount Everest" or "How do I faithfully live, love in this second, this minute, this hour or this day"... "I wish I were enjoying a day at the beach / I wish it wasn't raining" or "What are the positives of this moment?"...

Am I Believing A Lie" reveals that what you believe should not have happened is exactly what should have happened. What happened is always what should have happened, because it did. This does not mean that I approve of what happened or that I condone what happened. It means that I can see what happened without struggling against the reality that it happened. It means that I refuse to create dis-ease, anxiety, pain and suffering and confusion within myself with a deceptive belief that it should not have happened as it did. None of us wants to be sick or see our loved ones injured in an accident or loss our jobs but when these things happen it is never helpful to begin an argument with what is reality. We know this does not make any sense but we do it all the time because we do not know how to stop.

I am a lover of Our Almighty Ever Living Creator, Abba Father (Daddy), who is "Pure Spirit and Pure Love" and His only natural son, The Resurrected Messiah, The Prince of Peace, The Saviour of the world and a lover of you and everyone else who like the Apostle Paul in the Bible is learning to be content, to be at peace with What Is Reality, Now!. I am content with what is, reality because to argue with what is, is to believe the lie, "That it is I who is supposed to be in charge of everything", "That it is I that should be the almighty" and this self conceived deception only brings me personal discord, suffering, confusion and pain.

When we stop opposing reality, life and actions become simple, bold, gentle, kind, liquid and fearless, we experience balance and feel natural and at peace. This is how we know that reality is good, because when we oppose it or argue with what is reality we suffer.


1. Reality Does Not Rule!

3. Reality Is; "What Is Now!"

3. Reality Is NOT Our Almighty Ever Living Creator, Abba Father (Daddy)!

4. Reality does not have the ability to create existence!

5. Reality is not Spirit, Gas, Liquid or Solid but all four exist in reality!

6. Reality is the "quantitative", "moment by moment" inventory of what is, now!

7. Reality is that Our Almighty Ever Living Creator, Abba Father (Daddy), who is "Pure Spirit and Pure Love" always was, is and will be Our Almighty Ever Living Creator, Abba Father (Daddy) who loves you and me and everyone else in-perpetuity, without end and that He alone can cognitively appreciate the totality of the moment by moment inventory of what He has created, sustains and modifies which we call reality. You can Discover This Truth for yourself by applying The Five Questions to the false belief that, "Our Almighty Creator Daddy who is, "Pure Spirit and Pure Love" does not exist!" or that, "Nothing created everything". Good Luck With That!

“Reality's opposite only exist in the mind of the deceived.” Roy Thompson 2010


1. My Business,

2. Your Business or [When I think, “You need to go get a job, I want you to try and be more happy, you should always be on time, you need to eat better food and take better care of yourself,”]

3. Our Almighty Creator Daddy's Business? [When I worry over Food, Money, Clothes the possibility of earthquakes, floods, war, dyeing or not being more spiritually powerful, preforming more miracles etc...]

If I am mentally living out your life and or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's life I mentally and emotionally separate myself form my own life, filling my life with discord, confusion, stress, anxiety and suffering.

Test this and you will discover that whenever you mentally get into living someone Else's life, into someone else's business, you immediately experience hurt, loneliness, a since of lacking or being left out or overlooked etc. If you are in someone Else's business or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business the effect is separation from your self, from your own business, of living/loving out your own life.

If you and I both are living your life, I am leaving my life with all the doors and windows open for all the strangers' thoughts, ideas and notions from the deception empire, with ill intent, to come in and ransack the place. Being mentally in my business keeps you from being present in your own business. It separates you from yourself and leaves you wondering why your own life is not working out.

For me to think that I know what is best for you or anyone else is for me to be out of my business and for me to be living the deception that I am Almighty. Even in the name of Love this is out of our mind pure arrogance. The result of this deception / of me being Almighty or if it is helpful to you in your thinking to see it as; just being able to live somebody Else's life is for us a guarantee of discord, confusion, anxiety, pain and fear.

Do I know what is right for me to do? That is my business, my only business. Therefore to experience love, joy, peace, happiness and all that comes with victorious living I need to take care of my own business and stay out of your business and out of the business of Our Almighty Creator Daddy. This is actually the concept revealed in the Bible when it says for us to take care of getting the log our of our own eye before we try to pull a splinter out of our neighbors eye. We lose ourselves by concentrating on trying to manage our neighbors life, we lose ourselves by trying to run our neighbors business, we loss ourselves by being in Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business, pretending we are Almighty ourselves.

Again Remember: Our Almighty Creator Daddy did not send His son, The Resurrected Messiah, The Prince of Peace, Our Saviour, Closest Friend and Brother into the world to point out yours and my wrong doings, to condemn you and me, to ridicule you and me, to make you and me coward with shame but to encourage you, to build you up, to give you life which includes joy, peace, love and making things right for you and me.

Religion is me, other people and yourself trying to run your business and everyone else's business. Religion is therefore filled with you should do this and that, Religion is filled with "Religious Obligations". Religion tries to run Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business and falsely interprets pulling the log our of your own eye as you are somehow to be compared to your neighbor and you come up short being more full of wrong, lacking faith, lacking the doing of more miracles, good deeds etc.

>>>By the way how does that thought make you feel?<<< What Our Almighty Creator Daddy is saying is everything you are learning here in, "Am I Believing A Lie?". He is saying, that you getting into your neighbor's and or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business which is in really the same thing, will only bring you a gigantic tree full of pain and suffering. Religion attaches itself to Buildings, Budgets and Big Shots with religious obligations designed from the top down to get everybody into each others business and all of us listening to the thoughts of a few leaders without testing everything out from it's beginning for ourselves.

You can see how Religion is working out with over 38,000 divisions (denominations) all collecting money and spending an average of 90% of it in the support of Buildings, Budgets and Big Shots with only 10% leftover to help each other in our times of need. Boy! What A Mess, What Discord and Confusion and missing the purpose of loving one another first and foremost with our treasures, That is pain and suffering masked with the pain killing, brain washing drug of tradition!

Religion and it's obligations opposes our freedom to love our selves (our selfness not selfishness) and one another with our treasures (time, efforts and material and monetary possessions / money) through the Presence, Witness, Comfort (peace), Tutoring (teaching), Guidance, Leadership and Empowerment of Our Father and His Son’s, The Resurrected Messiah’s Pure Spirit of Love and Truth.

Religion: re-le-gion \ ri - li \ jen \ traced to the Latin meaning "re" meaning "again" and ligare meaning, "to bind". Religion literally means: A Return to Bondage which must of us would like to avoid.

By understanding what the three kinds of businesses are you can stay in your own business and free your life form the misinformation, half truth and outright lie deceptions that cause you and I and everyone else in the world suffering, and you can be blessed in a way you are only beginning to imagine.

Now whenever you begin feeling discord, confusion, stress, anxiety, loneliness, suffering and fear ask yourself who's business are you mentally in? This understanding and this question can bring you back to your own business. By putting this "Staying in your own business" into practice for a while you may come to see that you do not have any business either, that Our Almighty Ever Living Creator, Abba Father (Daddy) can take care of the business of your life on His own. All you have to do is let Him. That is what He means when He says those who give up their lives save their lives and those who cling to and hold on to a deception that they must be in control lose their lives as they are away in someone Else's business.

Stay in your own business and you will be in the Presence, Witness, Tutoring (teaching), Guidance, Leadership, Comfort (peace) and Empowerment of Our Almighty Creator Daddy. That is Living Victoriously, In and With Him, Over The Top!.


A Thought is "a single act or product of thinking; (an) idea or notion. (

1. to perceive the meaning of; grasp the idea of; comprehend: to understand Spanish; I didn't understand your question.

2. to be thoroughly familiar with; apprehend clearly the character, nature, or subtleties of: to understand a trade. (to believe)

3. to grasp the significance, implications, or importance of: He does not understand responsibility. (

WHAT IS WISDOM the ability or result of an ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight (World English Dictionary)

To say that thoughts come come out of nothing and go back to nothing is like saying that the chair you are setting in was created by nothing and will go back to nothing or that Not-A-Thing, nothing created everything that is. This is an incoherent statement lacking cognitive rational thinking, ignoring the basic scientific criteria of cause and effect. Test it out with "The Five Questions" and see for yourself.

Thoughts, Ideas, Notions are the product of our minds assimilating data received form various sources such as the world, our flesh and emotions and Our Almighty Creator Daddy.

All of these origins of thoughts except Our Almighty Creator Daddy's thoughts are the domain where our arch enemy "The Great Deceiver" reigns. These are the thoughts that will lead you with all good sounding intentions of love and kindness and appropriate concern for others welfare to get into somebody Else's business. Am I Believing A Lie?'s Five Questions are the tools you can use to test your thoughts identify their origin and stay victoriously in your own business.

Thoughts are all harmless and have no power to act on their own.

You give thoughts your life when you make the choice to believe them and you do so putting your own life in jeopardy when you fail to put them to the test of the "Five Questions" before believing them.

The Following References are from "The Collection of 66+ Ancient Historical Writings" used by:

A) The religion of "Christians' Christianity" which includes "Messianic Judaism" referring to a movement that combines "Christians' Christianity's'" belief in "The Resurrected Messiah" with elements of Judaism.

B) Other Religions, Sects and Cults C) Those who "Put Everything to The Test" and are willing identified only by their production of Love for One Another and Their Neighbors".

Those who listen to and follow "The Now Resurrected Messiah's" Great (Surpassing All Other" Commissions John 13:34-35) to Love One Another and be known, identified by the manifesting and magnification of His Love by way of "The Now Resurrected Messiah's" and "The Creator of All Things", "Pure Spirit of Pure Love and Pure Truth's" Comfort (peace), teaching (Tutoring), Guidance, Leadership and Empowerment through each of us.

1 John 4:1 : Jeremiah 29:8, 1 John 4:1 : 1 Thess 5:21-22; 1 Corinthians 12:10; 14:29; Revelations 2:2, 1 John 4:1 : 1 John 2:18, 1 John 4:1:2, Pet 2:1, 1 John 4:1 : 2 John 7

Most have heard love "The Almighty Creator of All Things" and Love your neighbor as your self as The Two Great Sayings but have been taught by example to ignore what the Third Greatest Saying: which can be found in the above Reference's of The Following References are from "The Collection of 66+ Ancient Historical Writings" which is: 1 Thess 5:21-22 Don't be gullible, put everything you think and do and others say and do to the test and keep what is true (free of deception, reality) and discord, separate yourself from everything that has any deceit in it. Separate yourself from belief in the lies.


Unless you give thoughts your life by believing them they are harmless as they have no power of their own. Thoughts are Parasites. They are spiritual organisms that lives on or in an organism of another life form's mind, known as the host, from which it obtains life through belief. However unlike parasites in the physical world which can attach itself to unwilling host, a thought depends solely on you to attach to the thought by believing in it.

It would be wise of us all to view thoughts as the parasites they are and test everyone out with "The Five Questions" making sure that we understand if they are up to getting us into other peoples and or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business are that they are designed to keep us in our own business before we attach ourselves to them. DON'T YOU AGREE?

It is not the deceptive thought that causes our suffering, discord and confusion. It is our attaching ourselves, believing in the thought, idea or notion without testing it out that causes our suffering, discord, dis-ease and confusion. False Beliefs are thoughts, ideas and notions that we have been attaching ourselves to, sometimes for many years without putting them to the test.

Many people, perhaps a majority of people assume a false conclusion, "that they are exactly what their thoughts tell them that they are and that there is not anything they can do to change this". The Bible teaches us Proverbs 23:7's As a man "thinks in his heart" (believes) "so is he" (he gives life to those thoughts with his belief in them and thereby receives their production of suffering, confusion, discord etc or joy, peace, love, comfort and energy). Test your thoughts out and stop believing, stop attaching yourself to those thoughts that keep you in other peoples and or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business and they like the powerless parasites they are will simply disappear. Cling to those thoughts that keep you in your own business and you will have turned a faucet of invigorating life on for yourself that will also inspire others.


Thinking is the process of receiving, analyzing and processing data into thoughts, ideas, notions and into unconscious, involuntary actions and conscious, deliberate actions. Definition by Roy Thompson

We where created form our very conception to think, to receive, analyze, and process data into thoughts, ideas, notions and into voluntary (conscious) and involuntary (unconscious) actions.

Our conscious and unconscious minds are much like our computer. The screen we see is like our conscious minds while the hard drive is like our unconscious minds in the background giving and sustaining the life that produces the physical presentation we see on the screen of the computer's monitor. We do not have to see all the millions of functions happening in the hard drive to know it is working all we need to see is what we choose to see on the monitors screen and often unwanted pop ups. Pop Ups, we can choose to put on a block list, to delete or test out, to view and decide if we want to commit to seeing more. Therefore we do not have to consciously think to breath, for our hearts to pump blood throughout our bodies, to assimilate the spectrum of color to process our seeing, etc.

Conscious Thoughts, ideas and notions are not like rain drops falling out of the sky on everything and everyone who happens to be in their path of falling. They are like pop ups on our computer screens which all have a source that can be tested, checked out and a decision made as to what we want to do with them, attach to, believe them are delete them or bookmark them.

You do not have to decide to let go of your thoughts all you have to do is put them to the test of "The Five Questions" and decide to stay in your own business and those that would take you into other peoples and or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business will simply dissipate, disappear, cease to exist.

"The Five Questions" is your pop up blocker. With "The Five Questions" you do not have to fear any pop up. After a while it will automatically take out most of the trash and that which it does not after awhile you will find just interesting and pay little attention to and after a little while more will hardly ever see or notice again.

Now with the Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding we have gained here we can see the futility of trying to argue with a thought, notion or idea or with What Is, "Reality" and the wisdom of staying in our own business. The thoughts, notions and ideas that used to be a nightmare to us now become interesting and later even funny and after a while we may never even notice them again.

That is the abundant, victorious life Yahshua, The Messiah has come to give us when He teaches us saying; "Put everything others and yourself says and does to the test, keep what is good (that which keeps you in your own business) and discard everything tainted with evil (that which would get you into other people's business and Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business). This is part of His loving, victorious plan and purpose for our lives.


The first step in "Am I Believing A Lie?" is to write down you thoughts about Yourself, A Situation or Someone Else that is a source of anger, anxiety, bitterness, confusion, covetousness, discord, dis-ease, envy, false pride, fear, greediness, hatred, inappropriate guilt and or shame, mental anguish, pain (emotional and or physical), sadness, suffering (emotional and or physical), unforgivingness, vengeance (a desire for vengeance), wrath (strong, stern, or fierce anger; deeply resentful indignation)... Use a blank sheet of paper or go to "Am I Believing A Lie . com" and use (download and print) the, "Test Your Neighbor" work sheet.

For thousands of years, religion has taught "Do Not Judge Others" with out correctly defining the meaning of "Judge Others" and with the deliberate exclusion of Our Almighty Creator Daddy's balance of making sure that you put your neighbor and everything you and others say and do to the test. You are to put thoughts, ideas and notions to the test, so that you can keep what is good (that which keeps you in your own business) and discard every thought, idea and notion that is tainted with evil (getting you out of your business and into others and or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business).

No one can give you a permission to judge your neighbor which correctly interpreted in the context of all scriptures means, permission to condemn, to ridicule them, to try and make them coward with shame. We are to love them even when they tell lies about us and do hurtful things to us.

The Bible is not stupid or unpractical but reasonable and balanced above all else. The Bible's balance to not judging your neighbors is to not be gullible and therefore put everything you and your neighbors and everyone else says and does to the test of who's business am I in, My Business, Your Business or Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business... This is not judgment but Competent Victorious Living...


1. Know: Acknowledge by:

A. factual historic and

B. cause and effect scientific evaluation and

C. relational, personal experience of who our Almighty Creator Daddy is. Evidence is not truth, "Truth is the correct interpretation of evidence".

2. Love (know, understand who you are / limitations and abilities and what your business is and what is not your business) yourself.

3. Test everything for yourself (Every thought, every saying and every deed).

4. Keep what is good (what keeps you in your own business) and discord everything that does not keep you in your own business.

5. Love everyone else with encouragement and appropriate, reasonable and sacrificial help.

With that in mind however we should learn to be truthful with our feelings of frustration etc and speak out loudly, or even scream out loudly, putting every thought, idea and notion on paper. By doing so we may find that even the most nightmarish, fear producing, unpleasant thoughts can be put to the test and seen for what they really are and dissipated in the light of truth.

The best place to begin is to write about someone you have not completely forgiven yet. Just a minute amount of unforgivingness will keep you form experiencing the best from your relationships with others and with yourself.

By testing what you think about others helps you avoid the mental self defense mechanisms you have built into your physic (both your conscious and unconscious mind) while exposing the thoughts, ideas and notions that are keeping you out of your own business and into others and Our Almighty Creator Daddy's business and provides you a path to freedom, joy, peace, love and happiness.

Trying to change the world for us to be happy has never worked out since the beginning or time. And it never will. Identifying your thoughts, ideas and notions for what they really are gives you the freedom to detach from those you choose to for experiencing more freedom, more joy, love and peace and energy now, a paradise of What Is, "Reality" compared to the bondage it frees us from.


You should not hold back, you should write with the spontaneity, and candor of a spoiled child. Be childish, harsh, judgmental, petty. Avoid being kind, wise, spiritual while being uncensored, completely honest allowing your feelings to express themselves without fear of punishment or consequences.



Testing your neighbor • Write it down • Ask the five questions • See the lie and Discover The Truth and best of all become free form the negative effects of the deceitful, be free from the bondage of the lie.

Fill in all of the blank spaces below, writing about someone who is dead or alive, someone you have not yet forgiven or have resentment toward. Make your sentences simple and brief. Do not hold back—try to experience all of the anger and or pain as if the situation is occurring right now. Take advantage of this opportunity to fully express your judgmental feelings on paper.

1. Who is it that disappoints you, that angers you, confuses you or makes you sad, and explain why?

What is it about them that that bothers you, that you do not like?

I am


because (Name)


(Example: I am disappointed with Henry because Henry does not listen or pay attention to me. Henry does not respect or appreciate me. Henry disagrees with everything I say.)

2. How do you want your neighbor to change? What is it you want them to do?

I want (Name)_____________________ to



(Example: I want Henry to admit he is wrong. I want Henry to apologize.)

3. What is it that your neighbor should do or should stop doing. What is it they should be, think, or feel? What advice could you offer your neighbor?




(Example: Henry should take better care of himself. Henry should not argue with me.)

4. What does your neighbor need to do for you to be happy?

I need (Name)__________________ to


(Example: I need Henry to listen to me. I need Henry to respect and love me.)

5. What do you think of them? Make a list.

(Name)_____________________ is



(Example: Henry is disrespectful, unfair, arrogant, loud, discourteous. dishonest, out of line, and incredulous.)

6. What is it that you never want to experience again with that person?

I do not ever want (Name)________________________________ to


(Example: I do not ever want to feel disrespected, unappreciated, ignored by Henry again.

I do not ever want to see Henry eating to much, drinking, smoking and ruining his health again.)

7. What makes this person more unlovable or more lovable to Our Almighty Creator Daddy, Yahweh who is "Pure Love" than myself and everyone else? How am I better, superior, better off, more important or less important and worse off than this person. List the ways.


The Five Questions

1. Am I Believing A Lie?

2. Is what I am believing verifiability true?

3. What is the factual evidence that this is absolutely true?

4. How do I react, what happens, when I believe this thought?

5. Who would I be without this belief, without this thought?

Look through this belief and "discover the truth", turn this thought opposite form the original mis-thought, half truth or outright lie: (Henry does not listen to me.)

a) to the opposite (Henry listens to me more than I give him credit for.)

b) to yourself (I haven't been listening to myself.)

c) to your neighbor (I haven't been listening to Henry.)

And find at least three truthful, specific examples of how each "discovery of truth" is or has been evident in your life.





The Belief in Magic is for the religious the verbalization of words, verses, letters, chapters and or books, thoughts, ideas, notions and or concepts found in a collection of historical interpreted manuscripts most known as "The Bible" or any other text into the face or Our Almighty Created Daddy with the expectation of automated results. The problem of This Belief in Magic for the religious exist in the fallibility of the interpreter(s), the availability of the deceiver and the deceiver's angelic followers (33% of their homeland occupants) with their ability to counterfeit what appears to the conjurer as a miracle or miracles of Our Almighty Creator Daddy to validate this false belief with the most undesirable long term effects awaiting the conjurer's demise (separation form his or her own business, discord, stress, anxiety suffering and pain, etc)... Far Better is the Contentment with Reality... Roy Thompson 2010

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We Do What We Love, What Needs To Be Done, Love and Take Care of Each Others Needs.


We Will
Do No Harm!


Acts of Love and
Kindness, Creates
Less Stress,
Healthier, More
Energized, Longer,
Living People.

In our case through Ministers and Assemblies Loving and Helping Fulfill Each Others Needs, Creating Purposeful and Satisfying Living for All of Us.

2) The Same Tax Breaks as
Home Based Businesses.

When you hear Business in the video playlist below,
Think Ministry,
Think Assembly,
Tax Breaks with
The World TogetherSM",

Think, Ministering to Others Needs with,
The World TogetherSM",
Instead of Selling stuff to your Family, Friends and Neighbors.
For Full Screen Click Corner ^

3) A Healthier
Environment for
Everybody and
Every Creature
and Everything in
The Whole
Wide World.

The Powerful Scientific Effects of Stress on Animals and People from Hierarchy Structured Religions, Employment
and Villages... For Full Screen Click Corner ^

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