As a pastor of the largest evangelical congregation in northwestern Oklahoma, one might think I could possibly be threatened by Jon's premise of this book.

How can I be?

"The Pastor Has No Clothes" is "thoroughly biblical" and a wake up call to all of us...

Wade Burleson, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, OK

Jon Zens, one of the original voices of the worldwide house church movement, has gathered together in one volume some of the tastiest of his writings about the "pastorate".

This book will be tough reading for those whose livelihood depends on Jon being "wrong", but a welcome breath of fresh air for those who are redefining success in ways, which cannot be measured by formulas, but by the presence of "The Resurrected Messiah" in a local community of people - the "ekklesia" no less. His writings about the pastorate remind me of the story of the Titanic.

This ship was a structure so large that its builders claimed vigorously that it could not sink, but as we all know it did not take long for it to go under after all.

This is also how the pastorate is seen today-unchangeable, untouchable and unsinkable, a subject for the academy but not for the local "ekklesia".

Jon's writings are not unlike the iceberg that caused so much damage under the water line of the Titanic - they have removed the untouchable status that has kept this topic hidden, and now the pastorate is coming under the scrutiny of the body of our Savior, Friend and Brother, "The Resurrected Messiah".

The destruction that the pastorate has done to those who are involved in it, including family and churches alike, is well documented, but up to now ignored. Jon does a good job in bringing this tale of destruction to our notice.

We do not have to agree with everything that Jon says, but we have to receive these writings as timely additions to the deconstruction of the edifice of the monolithic church system, which has held the "ekklesia" back from full expression.

I highly recommend this book for your serious consideration.

-Douglas Gerald Heffernam, Overseer, Celtic Prayer Centre, Cork, Ireland

I owe Jon a debt of love.

It was because I posted his "Clergy" video that I lost my pastoral job!

In his compelling new book, "The Pastor Has No Clothes, Jon describes how the current structure of the institutional church has created over time an unhealthy balance in the body of our Savior, Friend and Brother, The Resurrected Messiah.

He challenges us to look at the pastoral system in the light of the way the New Testament early church functioned.

A must-read and insightful book!

- Joseph Hunter, former pastor, Tennessee

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