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Healing Animals
Using MMS

It appears to be fairly obvious that all the rules that apply to human beings also apply to animals. They get diseases and MMS (chlorine dioxide) and MMS2 kill diseases, whether in drinking water or in some disinfecting system or in an animalís body. MMS1 and MMS2 have both been used as water purifiers for years.

I have received many letters from people who have used MMS to save thousands of dollars of veterinarian fees with horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and dozens of other animals. People at home treat their dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. Over the past 10 years, I do not believe that a single species of American animal, including bears, has not been treated with MMS for some kind of disease. MMS works fast, usually healing animals of diseases within hours or days. It works tens of times faster than any other disease medicine. I have seen horses cured of extremely bad colds in less than 30 minutes.

Actually, it is not correct to say MMS cures anything because it doesnít. The only thing that cures is the body, the healing mechanisms of nature in the body. MMS just provides the immune system with tools to kill the microorganisms that are present. The body then makes an amazing recovery in most cases, and this is true of both people and animals.

A Doggie Tale
My friend once had a small dog, a mutt. It was bitten by a rattle snake and he was sure that the dog would die. We gave it two activated drops of MMS every 15 minutes in a small amount of water. The dog took one sniff of the water and drank it right down each time. It seemed to be able to tell from the sniff that it would be good for him. After a while it was peeing and it began to feel better in about an hour. After a while, it couldnít drink as much and in about 4 hours the swelling was mostly gone. It was OK the next day.

No Need to Supplement MMS
Animals respond to MMS much the way people do. I donít believe that there is a single condition or disease that MMS cannot help overcome in both people and animals.

The fact is, you can replace every single medicine that you have with MMS. Keep the nutritional stuff, but MMS replaces all the other drugs and potions and medicines. Of course, there are other things that can be used, and there will no doubt be other miracle treatments in the future.

Iíve treated quite a few animals successfully. The owners and other people told me the names of the diseases. But I have enough problems remembering people diseases and I never really considered the names much. I just treated the animals according to how sick they were.

For a bad sickness, I used the hourly doses; For less severe sickness, I used two or three doses a day; For really bad diseases like cancer where an animal is about to die, I added MMS2 to the protocol and used Protocol 2000.

Still, if you follow the directions here you will be able to handle most animal problems if you also understand animals.

Treating Animal Diseases

There are two basic ways to dose animals.

1) ďPlan AĒ Ė dose the animal twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening using MMS1 or 2 as given below. That will handle most of the sickness problems for animals of all kinds.

2) Plan B is for killing virus-caused diseases. It is much more intense, but it has been successful almost every time. I donít remember a time when it didnít work. But there have been those who did it wrong, and then it didnít work. It calls for hourly MMS doses for at least 8 hours each day.

Plan A

Normally my suggestion for someone who is getting sick would be to give a 4- to 6-drop dose, wait one hour, and then give another similar dose, doing this so they can go to sleep after the second dose. Now remember, for animals we are talking about 2 drops for each 50 lb. or 25 kg of body weight. So if the animal weighs 200 pounds, thatís an 8-drop dose, and if it weighs 25 pounds, thatís a one-drop dose. In kilograms that would be a one-drop dose for each 11 kg.

Add one drop of 50% citric acid for each drop of MMS1 and wait only 20 seconds.

Then add the water, 2 ounces for each drop of MMS used.

For everyday sicknesses caused by bacteria rather than viruses, you can use 2 doses a day and that will usually take care of things. If the animal doesnít seem to be getting better in 2 or 3 days, you must assume that the problem is caused by a virus or other microorganism stronger than bacteria. In that case, go to Plan B.

If the animal is so sick that it is lying down, you will need to get the solution into them one way or another. A tube into the throat from a water bottle or even into the rectum might do the job. Or if you could get your Vet to do the job according to these instructions, that would probably be the best. Some of them donít want to do it at first, but they usually come around.

If you are going to try MMS2 instead of MMS1, use one size zero capsule for each 150 lbs. (70 kg) of body weight. Give that dose once, wait for 2 hours and then give a second dose the same size. Do it again the next morning and evening. Try for a day or two more twice a day. That should heal most animals but if they are not well very soon, go to plan B (for viruses and more difficult diseases).

Plan B (Difficult Diseases)
Diseases caused by viruses require a continuous flow of doses for a consistent period of time each day. Basically a dose of MMS1 every hour, and MMS2 every two hours for a period of at least 8 hours is what is needed, but 10 or 12 hours is even better. Colds and flu are normally caused by viruses and thus you will need to treat your animal hourly for a day or two, or maybe longer.

HIV/AIDS in people requires a dose each hour for 8 hours a day, for 3 weeks. No doubt animals will have diseases that require similar treatment. Colds and flu are usually handled in the first couple of days, if not the first day. Colds are usually caused by a virus and thus sometimes require the more intense treatment if they have settled in. But I have always found that animals heal faster than humans and thus when you see the animal looking well, normally you can assume it is well.

So any viral infection will require hourly treatment and for how long depends on the power of the virus. Most will be handled in several days or the first day, but really serious stuff might take a week or two. Cancer can take longer. Normally you will never give your animal more than one drop of MMS1 for each increment (50 pounds or 25 kg) of body weight. But that is each hour for 8 hours a day. If the animal is extra sick, you will need to go ahead and add the capsules of MMS2. So you can see this is slightly different than the people treatment. I am suggesting using MMS1 hourly and only going to MMS2 when it seems the animal is really sick.

Any animal that is very sick, lying down, or has cancer or other life-threatening conditions really needs the hourly treatment. If it causes them to be sicker, then reduce the dose to a half drop per 2 hours, or even a quarter drop per 2 hours (per 50 pounds or 25 kg of their body weight), but usually they will be able to take the one drop per hour per 50 lbs. of body weight. If they have cancer and other bad things, add the MMS2 at one capsule every other hour. In this case you will be doing both MMS1 and 2. Keep this up until the animal is well.

In the case of cancer, you will need to use even more than one drop for each increment of body weight. Use as much as you can but donít make the animal sicker. If the animal gets sicker, stop until it is back where it was when you started and then start again with a smaller amount.

Dosing Animals
Calculating the right dose is crucial so please be careful. This paragraph covers dosing of animals from the size of an elephant to the size of a rat. We divide the animal up into 50 pound parts (25 kg). Then we figure how many drops to give the animal for each 50 pound part (increment of its weight). For example, if the animal weighs 100 pounds and we are going to give it a 2-drop dose, it will get 4 drops. Thatís 2 drops for each 50 pound increment of body weight.

If a cow weighed 500 pounds, that would be 10 fifty-pound increments. If it were given a 2-drop dose, figure that 2 times 10 would be 20 drops that this animal would actually get. I hope thatís clear. If I say, ďGive a 500 pound horse a 3 drop doseĒ, you would be giving the horse 30 drops. Of course if an animal weighed 25 pounds, that is one half of an increment, so if you were giving a 2-drop dose, it would only get one drop. Remember all these drops must be activated. See below.

Using MMS1 with Animals
For dosing animals, we are always talking about using MMS1 in the form that is currently sold. That is 22.4% sodium chlorite.

When using MMS1, always make sure that it is activated with 50% solution of citric acid which is more concentrated and easier to use Ė just one drop for each drop of MMS1. Thus, when I say ď2 drops of MMS1Ē, you will always know that you must activate each drop with one drop of 50% citric acid.

Be Sure to Add Water
You must absolutely add water to MMS1 before it is given to any person or animal. Add at least one ounce for each drop of MMS used. That does not mean each weight increment. For every drop of activated MMS, after a 20-second wait, add one ounce of water. Thatís about an eighth of a cup of water for each drop of MMS.

In the example of the 500 pound cow where you used 10 drops of MMS1 for a one-drop dose, you would use 10 ounces of water (1 ounce (an eighth of a glass) times 10). Now once the water is added, you can feed it to your sick animal. After the MMS goes down, allow the animal to drink all it wants. It doesnít matter if what is in the animalís stomach is diluted a little bit or a lot. All the MMS chemicals will still be in the animalís body and will be just as effective.

Using MMS 2 with Animals
It is not necessary to activate MMS2. For the most part, you will need to push the MMS2 capsules down their throat and then give them a bit of water, or they will be sorry and you will too. One capsule requires at least a cup of water. Just push the capsule down their throat, slop some water down immediately and then get some more water down to equal at least one cup per capsule.

I have never been able to determine which is more powerful, MMS1 or MMS2. They both seem to get fantastic results. But, of course, we have had years more technology experience with MMS1. Use one capsule size zero for each 200 pounds of body weight. Remember if the animal weighs 100 pounds, that would be half a capsule. Open the capsule and empty half of it and put the lid back on or make up some half-full capsules.

Since all of our technology has always used size zero capsules, let me suggest that you do too. Then you can follow my suggestions here without trying to work out the problem of how much to use. Just buy the calcium hypochlorite at a pool store according to the instructions I have given above in this chapter. Then fill the capsules by hand. Donít tamp the granules down. Just fill them. Itís fast. Tight fitting latex gloves for your fingers would be best for filling the capsules.

So if your animal is looking a little bad or doesnít eat or has no energy or any one of a hundred other negative indications, give it a few doses of MMS2. When calculating the number of capsules for the animal, get a good estimation of its weight and then use a standard dose of one capsule for each 200 pounds of the animalís weight. Generally I have always used MMS1 with dogs and cats, but I am sure MMS2 would work.

Use much less than a full capsule with a cat or dog, since they weigh less than 100 pounds, especially cats. About Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea

This is very important. Some animals cannot vomit, so you must be extra careful not to make them sicker than they already are. When dosed correctly, MMS makes people and animals better, not worse. If your animal is taking MMS and it appears to be getting sicker, then you are probably giving it too much. Getting sicker with MMS is a sign of progress, but progress thatís too fast for the animalís body, so you must immediately reduce the doses.

If the animal gets diarrhea, stop the doses altogether until the diarrhea stops. Then start them again, but at a reduced dose. That is also true for vomiting and for nausea. Stop MMS until the animal is back to the condition you are treating, and then start again. MMS only causes sickness because it kills the bacteria or viruses too fast and they are dumping too much poison into the body. Slow your treatment down in that case. Allowing diarrhea, vomiting or nausea to continue does not help the animal. In fact, it can kill the animal.

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