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The Benefactor HD Agreement

The parent or guardian and Student by their Verbal and active participation in working with The Benefactor HD Project enters into this agreement with a goal of staying with the project during thier schooling or non schooling until they reach a successful conclusion of habiting of doing the work they love to do, what needs to be done and helping take care of the needs of others and have made a documtary video, film of their journy with the following understanding.

1. That The HD Student will maintain priority to:

A. Their family,

B. Their school or learning work and then

C. The Benefactor HD Project.

2. The HD Student will report directly to their HD Handler or an assignee student, or business professional handler for assignments and may discontinue the program for any reason receiving two more weeks advance allowance if an allowance was established.

3. The HD Student will retain all the copy rights, licensing patents etc for their works.

4. The HD Student may receive commissions, bonuses and gratuities received for their works above the allowances fronted by their Educational Allowance Supporters into their student ministry accounts.

5. The HD Student may receive a basic beginning work study weekly allowance if available during the school year and an increased allowance for out of school vacations and summer time career building actives. An increased allowance and other benefits may be added for The HD Student by The HD Student's Handler when they become available.

6. Discuss employment by anyone out side of The Benefactor HD Project with their HD Handler and their Educational Allowance Supporters when required and share with them all allowance, equipment and expense fund goals while working with The Benefactor Project.

7. To make a goal of Helping no less than Five other students throughout their lifetime and to remain in touch with The Benefactor Project to receive information about students they may choose to help from time to time as a Handler, Coordinator an Allowance / Equipment Sponsor and other meaningful capacities that may come available.

8. Seek learning appropriate honorable skills while developing their own innate talents and abilities with the encouragement of the HD Handlers, Coordinators and Educational Allowance Contributors with a goal of becoming fearless in failing over and over again in the quest to reach worthy goals and ideals while making worthwhile sacrifices.

9. Take on the responsibility of starting where they are, inventorying their resources and listing their equipment, training and Allowance goals,

10. The HD Student agrees to make it a goal to learn to appreciate the value of team work and the importance of consistency in communication with others through communicating with the HD Handlers, Research Coordinators and Educational Allowance Contributors and others.

11. The HD Student agrees to practice leadership through:
> A. Being willing to share the information on our website promoting Independent Study and Student Lead Conferences with their public, home and or private school mates, parents, teachers, principle and or others.
> B. Being willing to talk to business professionals and charities about becoming or being involved with Independent Study Fridays or any other days etc. by:
> B1. Using Student volunteer help,
> B2. Giving students business orientation tours and
> B3. Helpng Establish Student Apprenticeship Programs that will benefit both their business and the Students.

12. The Benefactor HD Coordinators and Handlers agree to provide the HD Student with:
> A. Encouragement and Prayer,
> B. Verification of being an active Benefactor HD Student.
> C. Help with research and finding equipment, training and finding and talking with potential Educational Allowance Sponsors.

The Benefactor Students Agreement
Videos for Subject Matter Only, Not Shared Beliefs.
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The World TogetherSM",
is You and Me
and Everyone Else Who Has a desire to Love and Be of Real Help to One Another, Our Neighbors
and Together,
The Whole
Wide World

The World TogetherSM", ministry agreements do not ask, what is your religion? Are you male, female, nonsexed, mulitsexed,
human or
homo capensis

Therefore you may surely find yourself loving, helping and working side by side with others that have backgrounds from many different cultures and religions.

Each Ministry Agreement represents a category you can customize to your interest, the things you love to do as a ministry to be of real help to others.

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Is Aautomatic.
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Safety Minister
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Our Mottos:

We Do What We Love, What Needs To Be Done, Love and Take Care of Each Others Needs.


We Will
Do No Harm!


Acts of Love and
Kindness, Creates
Less Stress,
Healthier, More
Energized, Longer,
Living People.

In our case through Ministers and Assemblies Loving and Helping Fulfill Each Others Needs, Creating Purposeful and Satisfying Living for All of Us.

2) The Same Tax Breaks as
Home Based Businesses.

When you hear Business in the video playlist below,
Think Ministry,
Think Assembly,
Tax Breaks with
The World TogetherSM",

Think, Ministering to Others Needs with,
The World TogetherSM",
Instead of Selling stuff to your Family, Friends and Neighbors.
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3) A Healthier
Environment for
Everybody and
Every Creature
and Everything in
The Whole
Wide World.

The Powerful Scientific Effects of Stress on Animals and People from Hierarchy Structured Religions, Employment
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