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Test Everything 1 Thessalonians 5:22

People around the world claiming belief in "The Collection of 66+ Ancient Historical Writings" used by us "Saving The World Together", others cults, sects and "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" makes up one of the largest groups in our world today.

How many people do you know who will, most likely, not walk into a hierarchical church group's religious building? They are not alone.

How many people do you know who will, most likely, not stay in a hierarchical structured house church, or a group of people's religious church building? They are not alone.

Western cultural "Groups' Hierarchical Religious Building Churches and hierarchical religious house churches" are facing a major crisis. With 83.6% of America not attending a conventional Church Building Religious meetings on a given weekend and approximately 95% of the people in other western cultures not attending a Conventional "Hierarchical Building Church" or "Hierarchical House Church" Religious Meetings, "Saving The World Together" "Ministers of Love" are praying that Our “Almighty, Always Loving Creator, Abba Father, Daddy” will raise up an epidemic of "Ministers of Love" and simple, organic non hierarchical assemblies of two or more all over the world, working together to Love One Another and together loving and being of real help to our neighbors also.
What our mind can conceive and believe within the reality of our existence, it can most successfully be achieved within the dynamics of a worthy goal.

A Clearly Defined Worthy Goal is most achievable when that goal is "tragic focused" on a foundation of "Pure Love and Pure Truth".

"Pure Love and Pure Truth" are two sides of the same coin. They both are attributes of "The Almighty (Omnipotent), Eternal (Existing forever; without end or beginning), Omnipresent (Always everywhere at the same time), Always Loving (Never Condemning) Creator of All Things".

Pure Love and Pure Truth are the
Focused Clearly Defined Worthy Goal
for The Existence of All Things.
:Roy: Thompson 11-24-2015
Ephesians 1:7-10

Approximately 80% of Churches in North America have reached a plateau or are declining.

1 The vast majority of "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church’s growth comes from “switchers” - people who move from one "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church to another.

There is precious little growth of people beginning a new life in trusting all their anxieties, cares, sorrows, troubles and wows to "Our Now Resurrected Messiah", Best Friend, Brother (Cognitive Being (homo sapien), Personal Discipler, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Saviour (from Deceptions & Eternal Body Death), Sensei, Shepherd and Teacher...

2 Researchers suggest somewhere between 1-3%.

"Biblical Religions of Misdirections" church group attendance is declining:
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1990 — 20.4% of Americans attended "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church on a given weekend

2000 — 18.7% of Americans attended a "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church on a given weekend

2005 — 17.5% of Americans attended a "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" church on a given weekend

2010 — 16.2% estimated "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church attendance

2020 — 14.4% estimated "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" church attendance

2050 — 10.7% estimated "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church attendance if "Our Now Resurrected Messiah, Personal Discipler, Sensei, Teacher..." has not come.

Other western cultures, like Europe, Australia, and New Zealand record "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church attendance ranging between 2% - 8%.

As of 2008 over 3,500 people leave the "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church every day.

“The yearly decline in the percentage of people attending a "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church was faster from 2000—2005 than it was from 1990—2000.”

The average "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church in the United States will spend as much as 64 percent of its budget on staff salaries.

Additionally, it will spend as much as 30 percent of its offerings on maintaining its buildings.

Researchers say that "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Churches spend between 82 - 96 percent of their financial resources on maintaining themselves.

In 2001 “the total cost of "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" outreach worldwide averages $330,000 for each newly baptized person.
The cost per baptism in the United States tops $1.5 million.”

“Fuller Theological Seminary did a research study that found that if a "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" church is 10 or more years old, it takes 85 people to lead 1 person to trust their anxieties, cares, troubles, worries and wows to our Savior, Friend and Brother, "Our Now Resurrected Messiah..." If a "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church is less than 3 years old, it takes only 3 people to lead 1 person to trusting in Our Savior, Friend and Brother, The Now Resurrected Messiah...”

Between 1990 and 2050 "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Church attendance will grow from 50 million to 60 million. Census estimates forecast a population growth from 248 million to 520 million people. In other words, America would need (as of 2008) 15,000 new "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Churches of any kind every year to keep up with population.

Every year, approximately 4000 new "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Churches open their doors.

Every year approximately 7000 "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Churches close their doors for the last time.

The median age of North America is 36 years old. The median age of "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" in North America is 51 years old.

Where is the mission?

"Biblical Religions of Misdirections" to population ratios:13

South Africa-Indian Ocean Division 1:71

South Pacific Division 1:86

Inter-American Division 1:90

North American Division 1:319

"The greatest English speaking mission field in the world is North America." Leonard Sweet.

Between 2000—2005, 20 million people, of all "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" denominations, left the typical North American local "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" church.

Where are they going?

Agreeing with other researchers, George Barna, in his book Revolution, has confirmed that many are going to house churches, in a spiritual quest of a more relevant relationship with "Our Always Loving Abba Father, Creator Daddy".

Why are they leaving?

“The new Revolution differs in that its primary impetus is not coming to Trust 'Our Now Resurrected Messiah" but the personal renewal and recommitment to the criterias of their "Evidential Faith in The Pure Love and Pure Truth for Their" family of brothers and sisters in their local and national faith group under the headship of "Our Now Resurrected Messiah".

The dominant catalyst is people’s desperation for a genuine relationship with "Our Always Loving Creator Daddy".

The renewal of that relationship spurs believers to participate in spreading the gospel through Loving One Another and Their Neighbors, listening to "Our Now Resurrected Messiah". Rather than relying on a relative handful of inspired preachers of "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" to promote a national revival, the emerging Revolution is truly a grassroots explosion of commitment to "Our Always Loving Abba Father, Creator Daddy" that will refine the call for all of us to become "Ministers of Love" by focusing on "Our Abba Father, Creator Daddy's" "Clearly Defined Worthy Goal" of summing up all things into "Pure Love and Pure Truth" "Our Now Resurrected Messiah" the Very Extension of Our Creator Father, "Always Loving Daddy" resulting in a natural and widespread immersion in worldwide outreach of "Pure Love and Pure Truth.

Something to ponder.

"Everywhere there is a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individual efforts from the callings and giftings from "Our Always Loving Creator Daddy's" and His Loving Very Extension of Himself, "Our Now Resurrected Messiah's" Pure Spirit of Pure Love and Pure Truth.

Human wisdom tends to consolidation, to centralization, of the building up of great "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Churches and "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" Institutions.

Multitudes leave to "Biblical Religions of Misdirections" institutions and organizations the work of benevolence; they excuse themselves from contact with the world, and their hearts grow cold. They become self-absorbed and unimpressible. Love for Our Always Loving Creator Daddy and man then dies out of our hearts thoughts and soul."

"Review of "Pagan Christianity"

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